Best Indian Litti Choka Recipe

Finest Indian Litti Choka recipe most well-known cuision and likewise a lot lovable meals of Bihar, Jharkhand and jap Utter Pradesh. Litti Choka is seems like dal batti of Rajasthan but it surely’s fully totally different in style in addition to in recipe. The very best Indian Litti Choka recipe is made with sattu, grinded gram nut or Chana served with chokha made out of potato, brinjal and tomato and a bowl of melted pure desi ghee. Litti Chokha may be served in breakfast, lunch and dinner and probably the most necessary delicacy of Bihar recipe. By no means miss the possibility to style it on streets of Patna. For making dough
add 2 cup atta,1 teaspoon Carom seed,2 tablespoon Ghee,1 teaspoon salt, Water to make dough,For making garlic chutney,10 Soaked pink chilli,10 garlic cloves add three roasted tomatoes,1 teaspoon salt,For filling,2 cup Sattu or (elective roasted besan),1 tablespoon ginger,2 tablespoon garlic (elective),1/ 2 cup chopped onions,1 tablespoon chopped inexperienced chilli,1 teaspoon black salt,1½ teaspoon salt,1 teaspoon dry mango powder
,1 teaspoon kalonji,1 teaspoon carom seed,2 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves,2 tablespoon mustered oil,For Choka,four medium boiled potato,1 cup onion,1 tablespoon garlic(elective),1 tablespoon inexperienced chilli,four tablespoon chopped coriander leaves,½ tablespoon ginger,1 teaspoon kalonji,1 teaspoon black sa,1 teaspoon salt,1 teaspoon dry mango powder,1 tablespoon lemon juice,2 roasted tomatoes1/2 cup ghee for dippingMeth
Take utensil add atta, carom seed, salt then Combine nicely add ghee & combine nicely add little water to make tender dough then cowl the dough with moist fabric for 10 minutes. methodology to make chutney place a wire stand on gasoline put tomatoes on it & roast them. taka a grinder provides soaked pink chili, garlic, three roasted tomatoes then add salt & cowl the mixer then grind Know chutney is prepared methodology of Choka take a blow add potatoes, onions, garlic, inexperienced chili, coriander, ginger then add kalonji, black salt, regular salt, lemon juice, dry mango powder,add 2 roasted tomatoes then combine nicely. filling of Litti take a blow then add sattu or both roasted besan add coriander leaves, inexperienced chili, onion, ginger, garlic add black salt, regular salt, dry mango powder, kalonji and carom seed, combine nicely all of those,take pan warmth the mustered oil then put the oil within the mixer once more combine it collectively. Know we are going to work on over dough take a dough divided into three components,then make small spherical ball,press it dough & fill the mixer,then press little equally, to with all spherical ball we make then litti is prepared,know take a wire stand placed on the gasoline,then put Litti on it,cooked until eight minutes from all of the aspect,Her all of the litti is prepared know do some crack on the,then take litti & press with hand,then dip all of the litti into ghee & take it out instantly.

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